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Visual inspection of your tyres may not indicate if your tyre is over or under inflated. For this reason Autocentre Chorley recommends that you check your tyres as regularly as possible; ideally every couple of weeks and before all long journeys.

Correct tyre pressure ensures

  • Better fuel economy
  • Better handling/cornering
  • Increases your tyres lifespan
  • Improved safety

The benefits of correctly inflated tyres

Safety - Having the correct tyre pressure enhances the safety of your vehicle, improving not only its ability to hold the road, but also its braking efficiency. Under-inflated tyres are prone to overheat, whilst over-inflation can seriously affect the road handling of your vehicle.

Economy - Correct tyre pressure helps prolong the life of your tyres, which saves you money. Under-inflated tyres also have increased rolling resistance, raising the amount of fuel required to maintain a steady speed.

Environment - Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is helpful to the environment too. By reducing fuel consumption, you'll also be doing your bit to help our planet by reducing your vehicles CO2 emissions.

Unsure how to check your tyre pressure? Come down to Autocentre for your FREE tyre pressure check or call for more info on 01257 269 298 or complete our contact form.

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