What Does a Full Car Service Include?

13 August 2021 / autocentrechorley

Getting your car serviced is incredibly important for a number of reasons and the best way to ensure your vehicle is in a safe and roadworthy condition is to have it serviced regularly. In this guide, we’re going to be taking a look at what a service is and what it typically includes.

What is a Service?

A full service is a vehicle inspection that keeps your car running in a reliable, safe and fully-functioning condition based on the guidelines set out by your car’s manufacturer. This ensures your car is running smoothly and efficiently whilst also reducing the risk of it breaking down and incurring expensive repairs, or even worse, an accident. 

What Does a Service Include?

Typically, a car service can include fifty or more component and system checks and adjustments including:

  • Checking of lights, tyres, exhaust

  • Checking the operation of brakes and steering

  • Change of engine oil and/or filter replacement

  • Checking hydraulic fluid and coolant levels

  • Checking the cooling system including the radiators to the pumps and hoses

  • Making sure you engine is tuned to run in its peak condition

  • Suspension checks

  • Check of car battery condition

  • Steering alignment

I’ve Just Had an MOT, Why Do I Need a Service?

Many people often think a  full car service is just the same as an MOT, however, it’s important to note that an MOT is an annual inspection for safety and isn’t designed to replace or repair worn vehicle components or fix any major issues- you’ll just fail it instead. A full service takes care of any wear and tear and makes sure your vehicle is running safely, smoothly and efficiently.

A Worthwhile Investment

Some car owners are reluctant to fork out for a car service each year, especially if they think their car is working just fine, however, getting a service can actually save you money in the long run. Identifying and fixing any small issues early on can prevent them from becoming bigger, more serious problems which can be very expensive to fix, or even worse, end up costing you your life. 

Book a Full Service with Autocentre Chorley

At Autocentre Chorley we offer both full and interim services and your dealership warranty will be protected. Visit our service page for a free quote today or call us on 01257 269 298 if you want to talk to our friendly staff about the services we provide in Chorley. 




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