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The best way to ensure your vehicle is in a safe and roadworthy condition is to have it serviced regularly. A service is a vehicle inspection that keeps your car in a reliable, safe and fully-functioning condition based on guidelines set out by the vehicle manufacturer.

Servicing your car regularly ensures your vehicle is running smoothly and fuel efficiently, whilst reducing the risk of it breaking down and incurring an expensive and unexpected repair. The service schedule for your vehicle will depend on the manufacturer and also depend on the cars mileage and age.

Not sure what service your car needs?

Call us on 01257 269 298 and we can check your car service history and your manufactures recommendations.

Is your vehicle still under warranty?

Its ok, Autocentre Chorley can still service your vehicle. In 2003, the EU introduced a ruling that enabled owners to have their vehicles serviced by independent garages, as opposed to only franchised dealerships without invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty. At Autocentre Chorley we will service your vehicle in accordance with main dealer specifications using genuine parts, maintaining your vehicle manufacturers warranty.

Why should I have my car serviced?

  • Keeps the vehicle running as efficiently as possible, helps improve fuel economy
  • Maintains car safety level – vehicle brakes and tyres
  • Reduces the risk of future breakdowns
  • Helps to maintain vehicle value
  • Extend the life of your vehicle

What is the difference between an Interim Service and a Full Service?

An Interim service includes a vehicle safety inspection, engine oil and filter change, fluid check and top up of screen wash and anti-freeze coolant. It is ideal for vehicles used for short journeys or for those who need to service their vehicles more regularly due to doing higher mileage more regularly.

A full service includes an in-depth vehicle safety inspection, engine oil and filter change and a change of the air and cabin filters. Fluid check and top up of screen wash and anti-freeze coolant.  A full service is an ideal maintenance option for your car, historically services have been recommended every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes sooner. However, service schedules vary significantly now depending on the make and model of your vehicle. For the most accurate information regarding when you should get your vehicle serviced, refer to the manufacturer’s service handbook.

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